Mirrors do many wonderful things. Not only do they provide reflection but they also create illusions. Mirrors make small spaces larger, dark areas brighter,and can add drama. Take a powder room or “JewelBox” as we call them. Mirrors in small space not only reflect light and make the room feel larger but can double the size of the room visually with the right placement of mirrors.

Make a short, dark hallway seem longer and brighter just by the addition of mirrors. A dead end wall can seem to go on and on with mirrors. Placing a mirror above a window makes the window appear taller.


Shower behind Sliding Mirror and wood panel

There are many types of mirror finishes. Clear mirror is the most common type if you want to reflect exactly. Just be sure of what you want to reflect, mirrors can create distortion if not placed properly.

Several years ago I had a “chubby” client that had an indoor pool. He entertained his girlfriends there often. He called me one day so enthusiastic and said he wanted all the walls in his pool room to be mirrored. He said he saw it in a James Bond movie and thought this was so chic. I delicately told him this was not a good idea. He adamantly insisted, so I had the mirrors installed. The day after the mirrors were installed he called me to have them all removed. Immediately! He said his girlfriend just kept laughing at him. Well can’t say I didn’t warn him.

Mirror finishes vary. There is antiqued mirror, smoked mirror, bronzed mirror, and grey mirror. The application of these different types of mirror depends on what you are trying to create. Antiqued mirrors are very popular now and create a sense of vintage, yet somehow look very new. They can be very sexy paired with the right furnishings.


Antique Mirror Screen

Mirrored furniture has been popular for the past few years showing up in some of the finest interiors. Mirrored chests and tables provide a little sparkle and glamor to an otherwise plain space.

A few years ago before mirrored furniture really hit the market, I had a client with a really plain and boring credenza. She really needed that piece, which was the perfect size, to separate her dining area from her living room area, but it was just too plain and bulky as it was. I suggested having the piece completely mirrored. We did. and it was a huge success! The mirrored credenza provided her the right drama and was perfect in her newly decorated home. Problem solved and she was delighted that I was able to use her existing credenza and give it a new image.

Mirrors also play an important roll in the “Feng Shui,” that is, the flow of an interior space. Mirror placement is very important in traditional Feng Shui. They create calm, sense of water and energy. Never place mirrors opposite each other or this will create havoc and unrest.


Mirror Screen to reflect other side of the room

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